Your Pet Loss Stories

'Benson - My Best Friend'

by Haleigh Dawson
(Louisville, Kentucky)

Picture taken of Benson two months before he passed

Picture taken of Benson two months before he passed

My dog Benson, a golden retriever. The only friend I could trust. He would greet me everyday when I walked in the room and he would know when I was sad and cheer me up again. He understood me and became my best friend. He loved the water and playing fetch. I will always remember how he would run to catch a toy, it was almost like he was diving into an ocean yet he was on grass.

Benson died at 3 years old and he will forever live on in our hearts. He's the smartest dog I've met for he knew how to open the back door. A couple days ago he opened the door to let himself out when we were sleeping at 9:30 in the morning. When we woke up we realized he was gone and ran outside to see him laying in our neighbors yard. He was already dead when we found him.

We don't know if he got hit by a car since he was so close to the road but he didn't have any marks or blood on him. As we think he knew it was time for him to go be with God and live on somewhere else. We didn't know if he was sick before, he seemed perfectly normal. My wish is that he didn't suffer and went fast and painlessly.

Benson, he's my best friend and I will forever continue to love him.

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