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I'm sorry
by: Kristi

I am so sorry that you hurt so. I can feel your pain, I still feel the same about Gracie, and I too pick her hair up around the house. I thought I was crazy..

One More Thought
by: Anonymous

After time passes and you have grieved do you think that Blue would want you to torment youself forever? I would say absolutely not. Live life the best you can after your grief fades and good memories remain. Until then look up at all the stars in the the sky and talk to him. Best wishes!!

It just takes time
by: Steve

I am so sorry for your loss Pat. I have been/am going through the loss of a cat. Her image is with it in the poetry section (Mitze-Eyes of Blue). While I miss her very some time has passed. I can still get worked up because I miss her so but I am remembering more of the happy times then the tragic end. I think that you honor your beloved pet when you make "the final decision". If not you then who? You had the courage to ease the suffering of your friend. Try not to feel guilty it had to be done. It is the ultimate sign of your love to live with the decision to ease the pain of another.

Although I miss Mitze she was worth every second that I had to go through the greiving process. I am 6'4 270lbs and turned into a blubbering mass when I had to let Mitze go after she stopped eating and got a lttle thin after a few days. She had masses in her stomach and kidneys. I did not want her to suffer as you could not let Blue suffer. Get through each day/week/month. You do not have to take the pictures down(I talked to mine for a while). The thing that help me the most was talking to my dad who had put down his beloved dog many years ago. I never understood what he went through until this hit me. Vent your emotions. Do not stay bottled up. After a while some of the tears will turn to smiles of remembrance. It will happen over time.

There is a poem on another grieving site. It is called "Fragile Circle" (Irving Townsend). The gist of it is that those who choose to surround ourselves with lives shorter than ours often find our circle breached. We choose no other way never understanding the plan. This is condenced but it was we sign up for. I personally think it is worth the time in the "hurt locker". I ended up having a friend ask me a few months after if I would be intrested in another cat as her friend's neighbor died and left "Lilly". Although she does not replace Mitze I brought her home and love her just the same. Please take care of yourself and I promise you over time your pain will ease. Good luck to you.

To Dianna
by: Pat

I really appreciated your comments. They really made me feel that what I am feeling is right. And that you have these same feelings. I would love to see a picture of your beautiful baby.

My husky Buddy
by: Dianna

Pat I feel your pain, your Blue was well loved you can tell in your words. I too just lost my male husky buddy who was 20 years 2 months both of our boys outlived their breed standard. May the lord bless you as the days go by, I can not say that it gets easier any sooner it's only been a little over 3.5 months for me, and I look at his picture everyday and miss my precious boy very much. But I look forward to slipping from this pain filled life and seeing my beautiful boy's blue eyes and amazing smile waiting for me on the other side, happy healthy and whole. Again please remember the joy you gave to him and he gave to you because we were both so lucky to have known that kind of love in our lives.


Dianna Petrytus (litchfield park, arizona)

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