Your Pet Loss Stories

'BoBo You Were and Will Always Be Mama's Special Boy'

by Willa Carver
(Fayetteville NC USA)

BoBo, the first time I saw you I thought you were the cutest little Boston Terrier I had ever seen. I could see that you had a lot of personality and loved your freedom from the puppy mill that you were rescued from. You had spent the first two years of your life in a small cage. It took some time for you to learn to trust me. But you turned into the most lovable dog I have ever owned. You were so happy to be loved and I knew I was your favorite person in the whole world.

You survived two major surgeries a few weeks after I brought you home with me. You gave me three and a half years of happiness. When you became sick with pulmonary hypertension the vet said you had weeks to months but less than a year. Four days later, on August 17, 2010, you took your last breath in my arms.

My heart is broken and so empty. The house is so quiet without you. I long to smooch your little cheeks and miss you waking me every morning. I will always love you and miss you. I will never forget you sweet BoBo, my special boy.

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