Your Pet Loss Stories


by Shannan Trudell

Hello my name is Shannan,

I just lost my childhood bunny rabbit Boomer. I love him so much! I miss him like crazy. I got him when I was 8 I'm 19 now. He was a small white Netherland dwarf, he was my baby. He loved to get out of his cage, I live on a farm, he could have run away but the countless times he got out he would run around the yard but he would ALWAYS come back by night time. I would pick him up and put him back in his cage...

I just started my first semester in college, I moved 300 miles away from home and I received a phone call from my parents saying after 10 long years he had passed away. I miss him so much I feel like a hole has been ripped in my heart. I know I will see him again some day but I'm going to miss him so much till then.

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