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'Bonny, A Beautiful Life Now Gone'

by Bob Browning
(Cooktown, Australia )

Bonny, she was just that poor little neglected tick riddled puppy that was in the local dog pound with only hours to go before her eminent time of execution. My heart was overwhelmed by the painful horror that this little beautiful soul was going through and after seeing the manager did get her out of that horrible place.

Well, got her home, gave her a feed of steak (she was absolutely starving) and did set upon providing her with all the loving care and attention that she ever so desperately needed. I could fill a book with all the most wondrous blessings which that little beautiful puppy (she was only two when she died) did give me in nothing more than to be in her beautiful presence.

This little dog had an enthusiasm to make the absolutely extreme most of every living moment of her life. There were times when I thought that she was "hypo" or "over the top" regarding a lot of her crazy behaviour but right now I am most fully aware that she was simply just a beautiful little puppy who was just abundant in her enthusiasm to play, to be adventurous, to be absolutely loving and to absolutely just live her life to the absolute max in everything she did.

The factors involved in her most untimely death are simply wretched to think about and do haunt me continuously. "If only", "why didn't I", "if only I had realised"! In conclusion I can now only warn all you people out there who love and admire their own most beautiful "best friends" that in order to prevent a similar most painfully devastating thing from occurring to you is that "everything is alright" is simply not good enough regarding the safety and well being of your most beloved and most dear personal companions.

One's living experience is forever in a state of change and it is most often the most seemingly trivial in importance regarding any such changes in your "normal routine" that you get caught out and the horror of horrors resulting in the death of a beautiful life can, and does occur. For me it was the change in her own personal routine whereby instead of jumping out of the car with my other two dogs after their normal afternoon run and coming inside the gate like she always did she had started wandering off to visit the new neighbour's dogs next door.

It was because of my assuming that she was OK and that she will be home when she is ready that she is now dead. After somehow getting herself locked up in the car with all the windows wound up that I did come to the horrific realisation that she was not enjoying herself in her extended "stay" with my neighbour's new little puppy at all. Oh God, to find my little beautiful Bonny like that, there are simply not enough words to describe!.

Please, please, please I beg you all to never underestimate the potentially lethal dangers that can, and do accompany "change" in any way, shape or form regarding the life of your most personally beloved and dearest companion, never may you ever lose sight of this!

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