Your Pet Loss Stories


by Karen Deppe
(Perth, WA)

My name is Karen and I lost my beloved little Bramble a month ago under very painful and traumatic circumstances. He was a beautiful little mini lop male bunny. He was a very loving little soul who loved giving bunny kisses and was happy to sit and be cuddled for hours. He would snuggle against me and shower me with kisses. He would make happy little muttering noises to me when I talked to him.

He was also very adventurous and loved to explore every inch of my home. He was so special. When I was cuddling him, I forgot everything that was worrying me.

He became very ill and was losing weight no matter how much or what I fed him. He was found to have intestinal cancer. I was told that his little body had lost the ability to absorb what he needed from his food. He was in pain and I was shocked when I was told by the vet that he was slowly starving to death. He would have had to be on medication all his life.

I could not bear the thought of what was ahead of him so I had him put to sleep. It was very humane. He went quietly off to sleep. The vet sedated him before injecting him into his little head. Everyone I talk to tells me that I did the right thing but I feel like a monster who murdered my pet.

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