Your Pet Loss Stories

'Buddy and Klondike - One Gone and One Leaving Home Soon'

by Dianna Petrytus
(Litchfield Park, AZ)

Buddy his serious look

Buddy his serious look

B is for your beautiful blue eyes
U is for just being you
D is for the pure devotion that never wavered for 20 years
D the delight you brought into my life
Y we always ask why but never have an answer

K is for your kindness
L a trusting love
O odd but beautiful
N a necessity since you're gone
D deserving of being free of pain
I individual but a part of you
K helping to keep your spirit alive even in pain
E ever lasting when she is gone

My beloved blue eyed baby boy I found a clump of your hair today in front of the dryer. You would follow me in there because I think you like the smell of fresh laundry and it was always warm. Daddy says he thinks I’m crazy and that I obsess over you even now when it will be 3 years on June 11, at 5:30 p.m. that I lost you to the bridge.

I have some news my beautiful boy, your beautiful mate will be joining you soon, Klondike is not doing well and I think the time is near. You were 20 that’s old for a husky mix, it’s unheard of that a purebred Siberian lives to be 19, but she is having a hard time moving around like you did toward the end except when it comes to dinner time she acts like a puppy.

I know that I am being selfish because she is my last tie to you and one I don’t want to lose, because then you really are gone. But I found your gift to me this morning on Mother’s Day of all days. A tuft of that beautiful silky black fur which you always left laying around the house, and it was right in front of the dryer where you knew I would find it. I am looking for a 2 sided glass locket and I will be putting that tuft of hair in it and when Klondike goes I will do the same for her.

Even Santana is feeling something is wrong with Klondike. You would think with Santana being a wolf hybrid her instinct would be to attack a weaker dog, she actually tries to get Klondike to eat, it’s like she senses the end is near. I just wish that she would go to sleep and go peacefully, like I wanted you to do, go to sleep at home in my arms loving you like there would be no tomorrow.

I have found several vets that will come to the house and do what needs to be done. I wish I had known about this when you were in such pain, because I promised you that you would not have to be somewhere cold with people you didn’t know. I couldn’t be with you then as I was too hysterical and the vet said it would just upset you too much. My beloved blue eyed boy I couldn’t keep my promise to you but I will try to do it for Klondike.

So expect to see your mate very soon and I know that you will greet her and I hope Grandpa Thompson will be there to waiting at the bridge like I know he was for you. He will love you both so much until I cross over. I pray every day that you're playing with him and with the angels, and that Gonzo our cat is probably driving you crazy trying to catch your tail. KD will be home soon, I will miss her, but she will be with you, and you will always be my beautiful blue eyed boy and she will always be my one eyed blue and one brown eyed girl.

I miss you so much and wish my time here was through just to have you near me once again.

Sleep well my baby, for soon you will have more company to play with.

I love and miss you so much it hurts everyday that I don’t have you near me.

Grandpa please take care of him til I can see him again.

I love you both so very much.

Your loving granddaughter and Buddy and Klondike's Momma, and Grandpa’s loving Granddaughter Dianna.

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