Your Pet Loss Stories

'Buddy, My Own Angel'

by Leah
(South bend Indiana )

My name is Leah and I am fourteen years old. Five years ago, I was offered a guinea pig named Buddy to care for as my own. Man, it was such a fight to get my parents to agree! But soon enough he entered our home as a (what we think) three year old. He was our very first pet and we loved him dearly, I knew that he was getting older I just didn't expect it to be now.

Today when I woke up, my siblings told me that he was having troubles breathing and his eyes were crusty. Sure enough as I took him out of the cage to trim his nails, he wasn't looking too hot. My mom came home as soon as she could and called the vet, he was diagnosed with pneumonia and we were given antibiotic and told to feed him fluids often through a syringe.

Well I left to go school shopping after I got him all settled and comfy and we receive a call from home saying he passed, I lost it. I've had him for so long, I immediately felt guilty, I was supposed to cure him, he was supposed to get better, but my mom reasured me that we gave him a great home filled with love and promised that he probably was not in much pain when he left us, but still the shock and hurt remains and the tears keep falling.

Rest in peace Buddy, god bless, I love you more than you could've known.....

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