Your Pet Loss Stories

'Cabo's Short Life'

by Wendy Freeman

My sister had lost her dog through natural causes of old age. She waited a long time to start to bring in a new dog. I had gone through a terrible divorce I did not want, but was thrust into. I had an older well behaved miniture poodle who was well behaved and LONELY. My sister called from another state and asked me to look in my local shelter, for a dog for her.

I went and lo and behold was my love, a tiny Chihuahua, rescued off the streets by the Humane Society, and he was so small he was placed with the cats! Well I fell in love, and about a week later after interviews, we brought him home, malnourished, tiny, scared, and with some behavior issues. But I worked with him, cared for him, and very slowly he got better.

Except for one thing he liked to run out the door, and would never come back. I learned never to get mad at him, but gently teach him to come. Most of the time he would never come to me, but I would be lucky enough to catch him. This went on for three and one half years. At times I would leave his leash on twenty four seven.

Well on Oct 10, Columbus Day, he got out for the last time when someone came to the door. I followed all over for many minutes, once again, calling and trying to get him back on the leash. He headed toward a main street, to a gas station, a young woman tried to catch him, he made it across the very busy street, then suddenly turned and raced towards me on the other side of the street, was hit and killed instantly as I watched, it was horrible.

My little boy was rescued off the streets, no collar, no nothing, and died on the street. My heart is broken, I feel horrible guilt, that I should have done more. His brother who loved him is numb. I pray God will forgive me for my part, and that he will. Cobbie, please forgive me, Harvey loves you and we will never be the same.

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