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Thank you everyone
by: Sarah

I just want to say thank you to everyone who commented on my story with your kind words. Reading what everyone wrote has brought tears to my eyes even 1 and a half years later.
It really has helped knowing that I am not the only one that has felt the way I do. The pain does get better with time, but Callie is still with me every day.
Thank you, again, to everyone for your support. And for those that went through or are going through the same things as I did... just know that it does get better. I have come to terms with what I had to do and now know that I made the right decision.

by: Caryn

Your story brought more tears to me if that is possible. I just had to put my cat TC to sleep yesterday. I want you to know that I firmly believe Callie trusted that you would do right by her and you did. She was in agony and as you mentioned, she was trying to go outside to die alone. Animals do this as part of pack behavior. To protect their pack or family from predators, they will go outside to a remote location to die. But then she turned to you and asked in the only way she could to help her with her suffering. She already had a death sentance and you gave her a painless way for her to go home instead of the months of agony doing chemo therapy. It's normal to feel guilty but it wasn't your fault and you didn't kill her. The disease did that. You gave her a gift. Her spirit lives on.

I had no forewarning. TC, my cat just two days ago suddenly stopped eating and couldn't walk well. Blood tests came back with complete kidney failure and the vet said that even with hospitalization and IV fluids, she doubted it would help and even if it did, it might only extend his life for weeks... weeks of agony. I asked opinions of others, friends, other vets, etc. I loved TC too much to let him suffer but whereas my family was unable to endure seeing him be put to sleep, I went there to be with him. Not many could do that.

You did that and you held her. That shows strength. Most people couldn't do that, you know. I couldn't do it for the few other cats I loved and lost. I just want you to know that being there for Callie was a great gift to her. To choose to put aside your own desire and to end her suffering is a gift beyond measure. She trusted you to do the right thing which is what you did. I fully believe that. I do say I am sorry to my cat, TC. I am sorry I didn't see it sooner. I think of the what if's if I had taken him to the vet every six months instead of every year. My dear friend, TC turned his head to see me more directly as he fell asleep... there was no anger... he was going to a place of peace.

A sweet, beautiful girl
by: Elyse

I know your pain and I'm so sorry for your loss. My baby girl, Krista, left me a little over a week ago and I'm still numb with pain and disbelief. Callie sounds like a very special girl just like my Krista was. She was my shadow, she was there for every milestone of my life, and your heart aches when they're gone. I'm so sorry for your loss.

My thoughts and prayer are with you
by: Susan

My condolences for your loss. My oldest cat, her name was Tish went into kidney failure at the age of 17. I had 2 more years with her before she went into full kidney failure.

I feel your pain and depth of your loss. When Tish passed away, a very big piece of me went with her. I miss her every second of every day and wish so much that I could have saved her.

My heart goes out to you and I know the pain you are feeling.

I understand!
by: Slinky's momma

I'm so sorry! I know just how you feel - had my cat euthanized 3 days ago. You are not alone! I also know the agony of feeling like you killed your baby the one who trusted you. I also assisted the euthanasia and also cannot get the image of her last moment out of my head, the crushing sadness of her last breath and having to leave her there.

All I wanted to do was take her lifeless body home and cry over it for hours. I too feel extremely guilty for having to do that. I also crawl into bed every night and see the spot she laid in EVERY night and its empty! I imagine like me you have people all around you saying it was for the best bla bla bla but they don't understand all you wanted to do is bring your precious one back and end your pain all the while knowing it's impossible and the pain of that realization is unbearable. Reading your story helped me a lot. I know I'm not alone. You are not alone either I hope that helps. Good luck to you I hope everyday is a little brighter even just a little.

by: Kristen

I just had to put my 19-year old cat, Callie, down yesterday. Everything you say about your relationship with your Callie...everything you feel about the loss of your best friend....I could have written exactly what you wrote. I have been bursting into tears at work today when anyone looks at my cross-eyed. I just want to go home, but I cannot bear to think of sitting in "our chair" without her. I wish you the best.

I know.. but it will get better
by: Ruth

It's just over 3 months since I let my precious friend Bobby go, I felt so much like you describe, but she was suffering and I promised her I wouldn't allow that. I loved her from the moment she came to me and will continue to love her always.. You did what you felt was the only option and you will feel more at ease with that decision as the weeks/months pass..

Callie was a lucky cat - she was loved and had the best life you could offer her, just like my girl, I miss her every day, and I thank her for giving me the love and acceptance only she could give.. the pain and loss is heartbreaking but it is not stronger than the joy I experienced during our time together.

Bobby is still with me.. in my heart everywhere I go and always will be, until we meet again face to face at the Rainbow Bridge.

by: Ezra

OMG, I'm so sorry.. I can't imagine how hard that must have been to go through. She was definitely a special cat..

Callie-I love you more thanl you will ever know
by: Cathy Ontario, Canada

Dear Sarah

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful Callie.

I know exactly how you are feeling. One mom to another.

I put 2 cats down in the past 4 months. One 15 years old- Muffin on June 23, 2010 and one 20 year old -Dutchess on October 13, 2010. I stil can't believe they are gone.

I know the emptiness you are feeling every day. Doing the same thing for 15 years how can you not. It is engrained in you. You have your routine.

My Dutchess would always look into my eyes when I talked to her and reading this memorial triggered all those precious memories I had with her. She had big eyes that looked right through you. She always looked into my eyes when I talked to her and she would talk to me with this meow that sounded like a duck. It was cute.

Your decision to end her their lives - I felt exactly the same way. You made the right decision to end her pain and suffering. She knew that. It was not because you did not want her. She was very sick. Could you live with yourself seeing her suffer anymore. I don't think so. I know I could not.

Muffin had mouth cancer and Dutchess had kidney disease, seizures and was getting old. It would not have mattered about their age I wanted my furry babies with me. I still have Bart who is 20 years old too and I am so hoping he will live for a while longer. He too has kidney disease and a heart murmur.

Letting go is never easy and I can't look at their pictures without balling too. My daughter took pictures on the day we put Dutchess down and you can see it in her eyes. I see that in your beautiful girl Callie. What a gorgeous cat.

I always snuggled with Dutchess. Muffin was different and liked you when she liked you. She liked rubbing you and bunting you.Licking too. She was black in white like Callie. Dutchess was a Calico. Bart is long haried black and white. He thinks he is a dog and never leaves my side. He also sits and waits for me on the stairs until I get home. I have had him for 16 years.

I don't know what I will do when he is gone. My life will never be the same. These cats have brought me so much love and enjoyment and helped me through some trying times in the deaths of my sister and mother the past 6 years.

You are in my prayers and thoughs Sarah.

You have all those memories. I suggest you make a scrapbook of her pictures, write a letter, copy some poems off these websites. Do something in honour of her like a donation to a cat shelter or humane center.

You know you loved her and she loved you and you gave her a great life.

God Bless.


Dear Sara
by: Jessica

I am so sorry for you loss, I feel your pain literally I lost my boy Mickey almost 3 weeks ago. It's a sense of loss and guilt and pain that I have never felt in my life. I still look for him everywhere. I think I'm in denial though even though I watched him die, I still feel like he's at the vets or at a friends house and coming home soon.

I know the guilt you are feeling, Mickey passed away at home but I still wrestle with why didn't I take him to the vet to be checked over, I thought he just had a belly ache dogs get them. Never did I dream he'd be dead in 3 days.

Know that you gave Callie the best life a cat could have and that you loved her so much because she knew that. I read somewhere that animals do not fear death or worry over it. I believe that they are in a special place awaiting our return for them. Her spirit is still and always will be with you, I know nothing anyone on here can say to you will help ease your pain, but we all feel it and understand it. My heart goes out to you.

So sorry
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Your Callie was indeed very much loved.


So Sorry
by: Dianna

Dear Sarah

I understand your pain all too well. I lost my beautiful Husky mix named Buddy 18 months 8 days ago. I had him for right at 20 years. I had always promised him that his last memories would not be of a vet putting him down. Well like your Callie fate had other ideas.

Please take comfort in knowing that you were with her in the end, knowing that you loved her. I suffer from the guilt of not being able to bring myself to be with Buddy when they put him down, I was hysterical and could not control myself, I was going against the promise I had made to my baby boy. I sit here now crying like a baby missing him like crazy, I miss him everyday.

Please know that there are pet owners out there who know exactly how you feel, as losing a pet is painful sometimes even more so sometimes than losing a human companion. Please know that your beautiful girl is at the bridge, feeling well, eating all kinds of treats and the angels are caring for her til you see her again.

Congratulations on your expecting a little bundle of joy, maybe if it's a girl, well I think Callie would be a great name for the little one and a great memory for the one that has gone.

God Bless

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