Your Pet Loss Stories

'Celebrating To Grief'

by Thalia

Today was my sister's birthday we were all happy and waiting to celebrate later today, like any other day we went to work which means taking my baby girl Sandy a white american shorthair cat with us. Our day went on as usual, she will hide herself under the sofa and come out whenever she pleased to sit on me and leave me tons of hair on my black shirt.

Around six we closed and headed home. When we got home I told my niece to open the cage and let her go because her friend was there waiting an american longhair cat that's been coming to our house and wait for us until we come home so he can come inside our house and eat .

I must say that my baby girl was a indoor cat but love to be outside, she was so smart that she knew when we would open the door and would fly out of the door before we could even stop her. Like any other day we opened the door and she flew out and like most of the times she stayed outside since she has a small playhouse outside that she can hide in and also if she's cold it's cover and food and water.

As we were leaving to the restaurant for my sister's birthday she was scratching my neighbor's tree. We spent some hours at the restaurant having a good time telling jokes and everything when we were heading back home for the cake at my house; my dad was home first I told him that we were looking for him since we was driving a different car and he told me "I flew here, because a lil' angel send me to be here before you" at first I didn't get it and I didn't put much attention to him either.

My sister cut her cake and we ate some but them my mom said we have some bad news ...she told me that my dad had found my cat in the middle of our street, she was dead; I asked where she was ... my dad hid her under his car seat so when I got home from the restaurant I wouldn't see her .... I went running rushing to see my baby laying down with blood on her nose and tyre marks on her head .

I couldn't believe it my baby was dead. I had just had her few hours ago the night before she was sleeping on my bed on her half of my bed that she had claimed since day one that same morning she was laying down in my covers in her funny way of sleeping waiting for me to get ready for work.

My brother pull me away from her because I was crying and pretty much screaming asking my mom why my baby, he took me inside the house and I just fell on my knees and start crying like I had never cry in my life by then I had noticed that my sister, brother and nieces were crying. My mom came inside the house with my baby in her arms she gave her to me and I sat crying with my family crying around me.

I kept telling my mom why her.. why my baby girl? They gave me her blanket, I put it around her like I had done many times before and started telling no my baby girl no you can do this to me you can't. I had her in my arms kissing her apologizing for not being there for not protecting her, for not putting her under my shirt so she will be safe like I used to when she was scared, for not petting her under her ear like I used to and telling her how spoilt she is but that she's my baby and I love her.

After a while I gave her to my mom so she could lay her down forever and she could rest in peace I didn't want to see where she was buried I sat there with my sister crying on her birthday the day of celebration turn into grief ... I won't have my baby girl scratching under my bedroom door until I open the door so she can sleep on my bed or have her push my hand until I open it so she can lay her head there for me to scratch inside her ears.

Yes I had pets before but me and her had a wonderful bond that she knew when I was in pain or sad. She would come to wherever I was and lay next to me and also she knew I could always protect her but today I failed her, today I wasn't there for her I feel so guilty and responsible for not putting her inside the house.

I will always love you my baby girl my "Minina" thank you for these years you gave me I will never forget the day I saw you at the "kitty jail" you looked so small and fragile all white I fell in love with you right there in there. I had begged my mom for a cat for months and she finally said yes because she saw a mouse in the garage after few weeks in your new home home you caught it and she was sold. I still have that picture of you playing with your prey... I love you so much the irony is that not even two days ago I uploaded a picture of you saying I love this cat to death who knew death was coming upon us...

Rest in peace my baby.

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