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Chinook Not Forgotton
by: Tim

It has been 2 years, 10 months and 22 days and your loss still stings my heart and I cry out for you and beg God for a dream of you, a sign you are okay. I miss you my Nookie forever till my last breath.

Life without my ferret Zorro
by: Bev

Thank you for your beautiful story. I know that we have been blessed with the experience of loving a ferret. My Zorro looked a lot like your Chinook. I am sure that they are waiting for us now. I felt Zorro's spirit move through me like a wind when he was put to sleep. I petted him and he just laid there, I know he was ready and I could not see him suffer anymore. He had loved being handfed and going for walks but he had refused to eat and was getting so weak and skeletal I had to release him. He had wrapped his front paws around my arm and had squeezed me, I was surprised how strong he held me, I am sure he was hugging me goodbye. They were angels on earth.

Missing Chinook the Ferret
by: Tim

Chinook, it has been 4 months now and the sting of losing you feels like yesterday. I think of you more and more and miss you so much. Life seems hard to move forward without you my friend and it upsets me so when people tell me that animals do not have souls and you will not see you in Heaven. We will be together one day my beloved pet ferret. I love you!!

by: jean

If I can manage to write this message through all the tears for you and your sweet Chinook, it is just to say that I am so sorry for all the pain and grief you are going through.

I have pet rats and have lost so many from old age and cancer and I feel like my heart is going to burst with the letting go of each little soul.
You have just reasured me that I am not going crazy by the things you are going through, the crying out as the baby has passed away, and when Jet my old rat died I went through the same experience as you in that his eyes were open and he was still warm and when I held him in my arms and cried his eyes had closed, for all your heartbreak I thank you for the reassurance you have given me and that we are united in our grief and that will will see our little angels again one day as surely this bond and love we give and receive from these little souls is for nothing and I do not believe that is true, they are in a better place.

Once again my heart aches for you and your little babies as I shed tears for yours and for mine,

Love Jean.

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