Your Pet Loss Stories

'Cindy - A Piece of my Heart'

by Cassandra Souzaa
(IBandra, Mumbai, India)

Saturday the 20th of June 2009 was the worst day in our family, when our pet decided to get very ill, so ill in fact, that she expired on 21st of June between 7.25 p.m.& 7.40 p.m. in which she breathed her last.

Today as I sit back & realize that Cindy was a gift from God for the 12 years that we had her. She came at a time in our lives when we were totally down emotionally as well as financially. To our lives she brought joy, unconditional love & gave us the will to learn how to live again.

The wounds are still fresh in our memory & they may never heal, even though they say time is a great healer. How does one go about their daily routine, when the day began with her ritual. She reimnds you with every nook & corner around the house, her memory is still larger than life image, the sound of her bark echoing through the house, the nail sounds clicking on the marble floor as she walks from one room into another.

My house looks empty & I still search for her when I come home from work or as I get up in the morning. In fact we all do at home. From now on I realize that we have to go on by ourselves come what may as there will be no Cindy for us from now on to call out & hug her.

From her owner,

Cassandra Souzaa.

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