Your Pet Loss Stories


by Lorna
(Houston, TX)

I have been here before. But yet the pain is always new the pain always says, I never want to do this again. Tonight I lost one of my best friends one of my very best.

Cody walked into my life quite unexpectedly. Cody was what is called End of Trail. An elder foster 13 years old when he came into my life. I came to like taking older dogs after reading an article about a lady that took critically ill dogs and gave them even their last weeks of love and caring. That appealed to me and I wanted to do that. I always felt I was put here to care for animals this was just one more step.

Cody was 13 and acted like a puppy, had my hands full with him for a while. He became my constant companion, practiced guitar, there was Cody. On computer, there was Cody, went to bathroom there was Cody. Cody has always been hard of hearing then a couple months ago started to lose his sight. Last couple days Cody had been sleeping a lot. He ate fine until tonight when I came home his breathing was shallow but could still lay in my lap but could not get relaxed.

I took him to Emergency clinic. I all but expected to bring him home tonight. Thought maybe a upper respiratory infection. When the doctor came and told me he was critical, I was shocked, this weekend he was playing he still wrestled on the bed and did his normal butt up in the air. Tonight I had to say goodbye to my sleeping companion and one of my best friends.

I could not stay at the clinic. Everyone was taking their best friends home, I wasn't. Cody was almost 15. I stayed with him till the end. I kissed his nose and told him I loved him and would always love him.

He must have known he was going to go to the bridge. Two nights ago he licked my face. Cody never gave kisses on the face, hand, leg never the face. At the time I thought he was thanking me for taking care of him through his blindness. Now I think he was saying goodbye in his way.

As I write this with tears streaming I blame myself, what could I have did differently. I should have seen this but I didn't. He seemed fine till tonight. I was just sitting here thinking how many times can a heart break and still function. I have been here before but the pain is always or seems new.

Rest well Cody bug, you will now be able to see and hear again and know that even though our time together was short I will always love you.

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