Your Pet Loss Stories

'Cream My Guinea Pig'

by Jessica Thomas Williams
(Swansea, Wales)

I went to a Pet store to take my dead guinea pig Coco back for a refund, but they couldn't give one and let me have another. I saw one that looked like a skunk but noticed he was ill so I picked another. Cream was the one I spotted next. he was the runt of the litter and I was determined to have him. He was healthy and lively.

I had him on the 4 of March 2009. He wanted to know me straight away and I wanted to know him too. He was so small that he would fit in the palm of my hand. As he grew I celebrated his birthday and Christmas. I also bought a baby male for him and they got along until frisky the baby male grew older.

Frisky and cream would fight now and then but still chatted and played. On the 1st of June I noticed Cream had lost weight so took him to the vet and they gave him an injection to help him eat. On the 5th of June he was no better so took him up again and he had another needle.

Then on the sixth I went out for the day and when I got back he wasn't moving but was breathing. I stayed by him all night and phoned the vet and they said it sounded like he was having a stroke and told me to bring him up to the vets. I was waiting for transport when I was holding him. He struggled for breath when he no longer tried to live. I cried for weeks after he died and still cry now but know he is over the Rainbow Bridge.

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