Your Pet Loss Stories

'Cupcake We Miss You 13 Years Later.......!!!!!!'

by Alisa Karter

I'm so sorry you died at 9 months old a day after my mom's birthday after grandpa died. He was a cockatiel noone can replace. He fell down and was paralyzed we had no choice either to put him down or be living like a vegetable for life. I was 9yrs old my parents didn't tell me the truth about putting him to sleep until I was 11, I figured it out when my mommy was hysterically crying in the car.

The vet convinced us to put him down and cremate him. We regret it. We still have photos to remember him....... The death of the bird was his fear of books and paper and he flew and fell on the floor off the wall when he saw one, he just lied there half dead.

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