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by: Margaret Handy-Williams, Dartmouth, NS, CA

Awe, Jennifer, please don`t blame yourself. Going through the`what ifs` is a silent killer on the heart. I went through my what if`s with my beloved Spike too, but (over time) I had to come with terms that I DID EVERYTHING that I could. Just like you. You researched ALOT to help your precious Daisy. You made tons of calls vet and specialists. You administered meds, kept Daisy on cage rest, took her out for fresh air and pee breaks.

About the leash, I know it`s easy for me to say don`t beat yourself up. Learning from my Spike my yellow lab - he`s here at Pet Loss too, dogs can be unpreditable. The night Spike fell off the loft (seven months old). I was sick with guilt. We took our boy for x-rays, and later surgery. The last year and a half of Spike life took it`s toll. His back legs gave a little at a time. His breathing became difficult, liver started to go. Like you, I did everything imaginable to help my Spike.

Daisy KNEW you were HELPING her Jennifer. That you DID EVERYTHING in YOUR POWER to make her better. Right down to the surgery (which I admire how you didn`t give-up tenaciously checking out certain vets).

I know your hurting. I hope you work through your guilt. It will take time. Remember Daisy in nice fun ways, which I`m sure you do.

Margaret - Hugs

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