Your Pet Loss Stories

'Daisy My Baby'

by Jennifer

Daisy came into my life out of nowhere. I was searching for a little dog to be a companion for my beagle. Daisy was given to me by a friend who could not keep her. She instantly became so attached to me and me to her. I thought she would be with me for years.

One morning she was acting different and crying when I went to touch her. I found out she either had a slipped disc or trouble with her hip since it didn't look totally right on the x rays. I was to keep her on cage rest for 3 to 4 weeks. I let her out to go to the bathroom and didn't put a collar on her. She ran after a squirrel and instantly cried out and could no longer move her back legs. I felt so guilty, if I had just put a leash on her.

I took her to the vet and they said she needed to see a specialist. They told me she ruptured a disc and if I wanted surgery it would be 7000 dollars. I couldn't believe it would cost this much. I decided to take her home on meds and keep her on cage rest. From everything I read online it said she would probably not gain back her movement in her hind legs but usually the disc would heal itself.

After a few days and her not looking any better I searched online for other options and found a vet school three hours away that would do the surgery for 3000. I took her out there for surgery but she didn't make it through recovery. She stayed there for three days but the night I brought her home she was gasping for air and was totally paralyzed by the morning. I think I got the surgery too late.

The guilt of this all is killing me. I loved her so much and feel guilty for not putting a leash on her and now for not getting the surgery in time. I guess I can't change the past but I wish I could. She will be missed.

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