Your Pet Loss Stories

'Daisy Our Sweet Girl'

by Delaine Friesen
(Mission B.C.)

My husband and myself rescued Daisy almost 6 years ago from a very abusive home. I loved her from the minute I saw her. She was our child and gave us laughter and joy. She was a little goofball with a silly little grin. Although she was a purebred pitbull she never had a mean bone in her body. She loved everyone.

In early Jan. she got sick so we took her to the vet. We were not prepared for the outcome. Daisy was in heart failure she was dying. As the weeks went on she got sicker and I knew this one we could not win. On Jan 30 2012 the vet came to our house and we ended her suffering. She died in my arms at 6:45pm. My heart was broken and my world crashed.

Sweet Daisy you were my baby girl and I loved you and cherished you. I will always remember you. If anyone is interested there is a blog about Daisy on It tells a little bit about her story and how this special dog touched so many lives. I love you sweet girl.


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