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Last Year At This Time... It Started

Sept 3, 2012

by Dayle


Last year on this day.. you were still by my side. It was a hot day... and we had gone for a ride. We stopped and got chicken to bring home. You had barked at everyone going by. I didn't think you were really sick... even though that night... you hadn't gobbled down your food like usual. But it was chicken... not your steak... so I didn't think much about it. You had gotten down from the couch... and went to lie down by the fireplace. I offered you more chicken... but you didn't want it. You seemed a little off.. but we all have our days that we don't feel like ourselves... so I thought nothing of it.

You had an appointment on Tuesday... to see your doctor... because I was concerned when you became over-excited... your little tongue was not the color I thought it was before. But as long as you didn't go barking up a storm... you seemed fine... so I thought it was okay to wait. I had told them on the phone... and in your visit the month before.... but your vet wasn't concerned. Ollie... had I EVER known... I would have found another vet... right away. I made a huge mistake... and it cost you your life. But I am not a veterinarian... and I trusted your doctor.

Plus... I did not want to think there was a real problem. I blamed it on your being almost 10 years old. I thought that on Tuesday... I would get some answers. Tuesday was only 3 days away... on your 10th birthday. What a way... I thought... to spend your birthday... you hated going to the vets... but I was going to surprise you again this year... with your own big steak... just for you. Little did I know... that it was not to be....

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