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'Diamond Baby Girl'

by Brittany Parker

My baby girl Diamond

My baby girl Diamond

I got a Beagle for my birthday when I was 2... we named her Diamond. She was the best dog a kid could ever have. She loved to sleep under blankets, she was so spoiled.. she would get something to eat whenever I would eat and I mean when ever. Her favorite food would be pizza or tomatoes. She would sleep right by my tummy every night... If a storm came she always new she could come to mommy if she was scared....

When I went to school I could always count on that happy face when I walked in the door... She always knew the right thing to say in any situation... If I was happy she was happy.. If I was sad she would not leave my side she wanted to make sure that I was OK. Me and her would take long walks if she got tired we would sit down for a little bit. Oh man did she love her Ice Cream on hot summer days. I would order a ice cream cone and me and her would share it.

We would take her to the vet and everything was fine. Then came that one trip to the vet they said she had a heart murmer. She still didn't let that get her down. She would still run around like a little puppy. she was 15 at that time. Every birthday she would get a little cake to herself she would get a lot of treats, anything. She turned 16 and I turned 15 our birthday was on the same day. She got a lot to eat.

That summer I went to Chicago to vist my grandma for a few weeks I came back to my baby girl lying on the floor. My dad came and hugged me and he said Brittany Diamond is not doing too good. After that my whole world came to an end I stayed with her for the last hours she had. She passed away July 30th 2010 at 9:00 pm that night. My dad told me she was not doing too good the day before her back end went out. She would not eat, or drink water she would lie there and could not get up. My dad told me she had a stroke. I love her so much. Diamond you will always be my puppy my baby girl diamond I love you so much.

Diamond R.I.P Aug 7th 1993-July 30th 2010


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