Your Pet Loss Stories


by Isabelle Gagnon
(Repentigny, Quebec, Canada)

Her final hour at our house

Her final hour at our house

4:45pm 9/9/2011 my cat went to sleep. She was 15 years old, had went from weighing 20 pounds to only 6.

In our car ride to the vet, she was purring, so I figure she was happy until the end. She was a very loved cat who had lived a very nice life.

This was my first loss of an animal I loved. When we flush dead fish down the toilet I cried, and with my Flanelle I cry even more.

This is my first night without her and I am unable to sleep because it doesnt feel right. That I should be in my warm bed fast asleep while she's in a freezer at the morgue. I'd feel much more comfortable having her ashes in my house. At least then I'd know where she was.

Tonight I went outside looking for the brightest star because I knew she'd be there and I told her I love her and miss her even though I've only had about 12 hours without her.

I truly wish I could see her again but she's in another place right now.

Flanelle 9/9/2011 <3 <3 <3

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