Your Pet Loss Stories

'Foo-Foo's Story'

by Katie Sorber
(Rush, NY, USA)

I got my rabbit Foo-Foo in 2006 from a barn in Corry PA at the age of 2 months. I picked her because she was a very pretty color then I later learned she was cinnamon breed of rabbit. My parents had no idea I had gotten fFoo so they were quite surprised when I brought her home to my grandparents house in a little brown box.

At first Foo-Foo was shared between me and my grandma. In the Winters Foo-Foo was sent to live with at great aunts house, she had a barn in the back of her house. Later though Foo-Foo lived with us full time. Foo-Foo is a survivor of a horrible massacre that happened at her farm where she lived. A few months after I brought her home the rest of her family (100 plus rabbits) were killed by the farm dog that had escaped its pen.

Fast forward a few years later and Foo-Foo won a 1st place ribbon at the Warren county fair in Pa. I was so proud of her. Foo lived to the age of 6 1/2 years on Sep 6 of this year my dad found her laying in the side of her cage dead. We think it was a heart attack for her eyes were wide open. Sadly Foo-Foo will probably be the only rabbit I will ever own since my parents don't want me to get another one.

RIP Foo-Foo
I Love You

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