Your Pet Loss Stories

'Fozzie Bear'

by Dawn

We adopted Fozzie after just looking at his photo. He came from the South so we weren't able to meet him. He was insecure at first but soon became our guardian and partner, our friend and comedian. He loved the snow but hated to get wet. He had a big, kind heart and loved all people, children and animals. Everyone who met him loved him as well. He touched so many people. He was a happy dog who never complained, never seemed sad, and never asked for much.

In his 5th year with us, he was diagnosed with GME and lived over a year after that. He had his ups and downs but he fought through it even when we thought he was near the end. We spent agonizing moments wondering if he'd live through the latest "setback" and somehow he always did. In the end, his big heart stopped beating and we said to let him go.

You never realize how much you do for a pet until they're no longer with you. Our lives revolved around Fozzie when he got sick, and we would do it all again just to have him with us. The house is empty without him here. The void he has left will never be filled. We miss him terribly. I like to think he is running around in heaven, happy and healthy, and his spirit is present in our house.

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