Your Pet Loss Stories

'Friend and Snoopy'

by Winter04

Nearly 20 years ago, we brought home a mixed breed dog that was left in a field. My children were small, and named her Friend. A more appropriate name could not have been given, as she proved to be the kindest, sweetest dog I had ever known. She did not even bark. She literally never met a stranger.

About 5 years after finding Friend, Snoopy Beagle entered our home, as a 2 month old puppy. She was sweet, playful, loving, energetic and everything you would expect from a Beagle! She immediately adopted Friend as her closest companion, and taught Friend how to bark! They were constant, wonderful companions, going on many runaway adventures (if dogs could talk!!), but always returning.

Age catches all of us, and when Friend could no longer stand, we put her down at age 16. We were devastated, but I believe Snoopy experienced a grief as powerful as any human. She was lost, and was never the same without her dear Friend.

A few years passed, and Snoopy experienced her own health issues. I knew she was distressed, and we made the decision to have her put down. It has been a week, and I look for her, talk to her as though she were here, and cry when I see her picture. I want to believe that she has been reunited with her wonderful Friend, and they are running happy and free.

After 20 years, it is a difficult thing to walk into a house and not have a dog waiting, always ready to love you, no matter what may have happened. Friend and Snoopy were a unique pair. I cannot imagine owning another dog again. Parting is so very difficult. And I don't think I ever want to have to part with a dog again.

May they rest in peace, and know they will always be loved and remembered. And that they brought something to my life for which I will always be grateful, and that is unconditional love. God Bless You, Friend and Snoopy. You were the best. And I love you.

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