Your Pet Loss Stories

'Furry My Black and White Cat Who Died on Hanukkah'

by Alisa Karter
(New York)

On December 24, 2005 I lost my cat Furry at 9 years old from diabetes. We cried like crazy. We had to put her down. She was losing hair. We couldn't save her. She was sick since that September and I couldn't face and bare to watch her not eat. We barely had money to keep up with insulin shots. I begged my parents to keep her alive longer even Mom agreed, but Dad was boss and rejected............

She looked like a black and white kitty, very playful, partially a street cat I was 18 when this happened 5 years ago, but it was like yesterday. She meant the world to be. A great friend who slept on my foot. We have a new cat now named Toast, who is different shades of brown, but it will never EVER be the same. The new cat runs back and forth to our house.

I watched my vet put her down to sleep forever with a needle with pink medicine to take her life, I hope her soul is in a much happier place, Furry Yisobelle Karter we love you forever............. I hope I see you in my next life, me and my parents will be waiting and so will you. We payed all that money for the lord to take your soul. It was your time.

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