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'Gabrielle & Alfie'

Overwhelming Loss

Jan 18, 2013

by Gabrielle

Now that the shock is wearing off I am starting to forget Alfie has gone.

He used to spend a lot of time outside at night doing whatever Tom cats do. And he would come into the bedroom as I was getting out of bed. By the time I had finished in the shower he would be curled up fast asleep on the warm spot I had just vacated and I would have to keep checking back to see if he was up so that I could make the bed.

This morning I did that and after I made the bed I left his cushion in the usual place. It was so difficult when it dawned on me he was gone. It has been over a month and I have started expecting to see him everywhere I used to. I would look out the window to see if he was underneath the bird table and shout through the open window if he was about to leap on a bird. Though I usually spoiled his plans he never bore a grudge but would come up to the bedroom window and say hello.

He never understood, I think, why I couldn't open the window and let him in for a chat. The windows in this part of the house open at the top unlike the old part which are sash windows. When he caught onto the fact I couldn't let him in he would rush to the front door and I would let him in. All this just goes to show (me) what a lovely friendly fellow he was. He enjoyed companionship and loving attention. He was not a loner. No wonder I miss him so much and the sadness has increased rather than diminished.

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