Your Pet Loss Stories

'Gentle Ben'

by Jessica
(New Haven)

I was in college and a newlywed. We were living on a small ranch north of Tampa Florida near a lot of farmland. The place down the street from us was having a yard sale and had a big lab/golden in the yard, tied to a tree, with a sign that read free. Chickens were running all around this dog and he just sat there. I thought this is the dog for me.

I took him home and soon became aware of the tick and flea problem as well as the hook worm and heartworm. After all of those issues were taken care of... off we went.. My Husband's job at the time took us all over the country. He went away on business and I had Ben to keep me company. We divorced about 5 years ago and Ben stayed with me as we dealt with storm after storm in the south. I remember hiding under the bed for Wilma and Ben was right next to me.

Tonight I had to say goodbye due to liver cancer. This is breaking my heart... I wish I were better at conveying how painful this is.. But I just need to say,

I love you Ben
Thank you for being my friend for all of those years


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