Your Pet Loss Stories

'Gizmo - I Will Never Find a Soul Like Yours'

by Aimee
(Essex, UK)

Gizmo our gorgeous girl was found by my sister in the freezing snow in 2007, being a tiny little kitten she brought her home knowing if she stayed in the cold any longer she wouldn't survive.

5 years ago she came to us and stayed with us. As she got older she retained her kitten face and although a fully grown cat she still looked like a kitten. Gizmo never did meow like normal cats, she had this adorable little squeak that could turn anyone's bad day around. The warmth you felt from looking into her eyes literally made your heart melt. She was, by far an angel that was sent to us.

10am Fri morning 16/03/2012 a letter was posted through the door saying to contact a lady about a black cat. The lady told us she had found a cat by the side of the road and had taken it to our local vets. When we got there we were taken to a room where the lady uncovered the blanket and there was our gorgeous little girl lying there... she had been run over and killed.

We buried her today which was the hardest thing ever to do and actually bringing myself to say goodbye, hurt more than I thought possible but I know she is safe now.

I miss her so terribly that my heart aches for her and I can't help but feel I could of protected her.

She has touched our lives in such a way that has left a void in our lives and hearts that no amount of time could ever heal.

Sleep tight my sweet, sweet girl. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

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