Your Pet Loss Stories


by Susan
(New Jersey)

Gizmo 5/26/96 to 2/23/12

Gizmo 5/26/96 to 2/23/12

In February of this year I had to put my Pekingese Gizmo to sleep, he was 15 years and 9 months old and was getting too many seizures. They all started 1 year ago in May of 2011 at my Mother's house in New York State. I live in New Jersey, Gizmo and I went for a visit and he had his 1st seizure.... I didn't know what to do so I raced home to NJ to the vet and he told me what was going on and he gave me meds for Gizmo and told me to write down every time he had one.

Well he kept having them every 3 to 4 weeks and around the end they where 2 or 3 a day and he was getting weaker. I had to hold him up just to go to the bathroom number 2 and I had to wipe him with baby wipes. Yes sometimes it was getting to me but I didn't want to let go and then he started to head pressing and my vet said that he thinks Gizmo had a tumor too but I kept holding on and on I didn't want to let go.

Well the day came and I had to do something that anyone who owns a pet does not want to do so they are not in pain. It was the worst day of my life. I do not have children and now I know how it feels to lose a child, until this day my heart is so broken. There are times I do not want to be here because I miss Gizmo so much he was my life my sloe. My family think I need help, but I really love my dog and miss him so much I cry every day but I do not let anyone know I do. I even put a tattoo of Gizmo on my leg in memorial and I have pictures and a candle for Gizmo I lit for him.

Gizmo some day mommy will be with you. I love you, when you left me you took my HEART with you...

Still so sad, your Mommy :(

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