Your Pet Loss Stories

'Gone But Never Forgotten'

by Ed
(Denver, Colorado)

You've been gone 3 years now old friend and your memory burns as bright today as it did in November of 2009 ..

I miss you buddy and pray your kind, loving soul has found peace in Heaven.

This is my boy Fritz .. a purebread Mini Schnauzer born in July of 1995 and called home to God in November of 2009. Fritz and I had almost 15 years together and I am grateful for each and every day we had ..

I found him in a pet store one cold September day and he stole my heart .. There was something special about Fritz, and I loved him from the moment I saw him.

Fritz wasn't the smartest dog I've met but he had the heart of a lion and the soul of an Angel.

In his 15th year, time took it's toll and Fritz passed comfortably on his favorite rug in front of the fireplace he loved so much ..

God bless you little one - Thank you for allowing me the honor of being your human.

I miss you buddy now, and forever ..

Ed in Denver

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