Your Pet Loss Stories

'Goodbye Little Man'

by Carrie
(Cheshire, UK)

My wonderful cat, Pudsey, was euthanised this morning. It has all happened so quickly; suddenly weak and wobbly, refusing to eat, bewildered and disorientated he was diagnosed with severe kidney disease. I am still reeling with shock and grief.

I don't quite know how old he was but reckon at least 17; I moved up here to the country in 1999 with my other dear cat Beatrice, and Pudsey lived in the cottage next door. He was a lovely, friendly young cat and would often be outside the cottages rolling on his back in contentment.

However, he was ignored by his 'owners' who moved house a year later leaving him behind! Poor thing had nowhere to go so gradually he sort of 'moved in' with Beatrice and I without either of us noticing....! And that was that, he never left.

I never planned on having 2 cats but what a lovely companion to Beatrice Pudsey was when I was away at work. Beatrice would usually get most attention I'm afraid, at the beginning, being my 'official' cat, but when she sadly passed away in 2007, I realised how lucky I was to have such a wonderful companion in Pudsey myself. So easy going, contented, fun and affectionate beyond words.

My love for him grew and grew. The way he would greet me at the front door, or be sitting on the indoor window ledge watching for the car, his meowing to be let in or out, rolling playfully on his back in the grass, or curled up asleep in various sunny places in the garden, cuddling up on the bed, armchairs and in front of the fire. He helped me get over the painful loss of Beatrice with his lovely calm, relaxed, affectionate and stable presence. He was so appreciative of life in general and taught me the value of simple quiet contentment.

I miss you, Pudsey. I write this sitting in front of the fire and you are no longer lying on the rug stretched out in front of me. Sleep tight little man, and thank you for all the love you gave to us the last 14 years; I will always be grateful to those neighbours who, in their foolishness, left you behind for us to love and enjoy.

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