Your Pet Loss Stories

'Goodbye My Norma Jean'

by Maggie
(Western Australia)

The first time I saw my Norma was in a Pet shop window at the local shopping center in July 1997, I figured she did not belong with the litter she was caged with.... they were all dark brindle.... she was white with brindle patches and she had segregated herself from the other pups. I fell in love with this little lump of pup!

I bought her from the pet shop, even bartered and got $20 knocked off..... I took her home and so we began to live together.

My Norma was 13 weeks old when my father passed away and I know it was her antics, the odd bit of destruction and cheeky ways that seen me through some very dark days....

Norma has been my constant, my North, my very best friend through happy and sad, highs and lows.... I love her unconditionally and I will most certainly miss her, a lady and a right madam and the very best friend anyone could hope for.... I truly am blessed..... but a lady always knows when it is time to leave and my baby has had enough.....
Goodbye my Normie, you are loved so very much xxxxxxxx

Norma Jean rest peacefully 16.6.97 - 15.2.12

I wrote this 2 months ago, I still miss my girl and I guess I always will..... life does go on and I have a very sad and lost little male that also misses his mate very much..... but what love she brought into our lives xxxxxx

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