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'Gracie May (my tiny dancer)'

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Thinking of You
by: Cindy


You were so kind to write to me after Elly & Max died - thank you so much.

I read your story about Gracie May - bless your heart. I can only imagine what you have been through since this happened. I wanted you to know healing will happen - whether it's time, a new doggie or lots of prayers. Our house was way too quiet after we lost Elly & Max. We just adopted a Golden puppy and even though I miss E&M everyday, my new girl (Chili) keeps me busy with love so I know E&M would approve. After all, if I hadn't loved Elly & Max so much, I wouldn't want another dog. Their love and wonderfulness lives on now.

Missing you
by: kristi

It's been 2 years ago today. I miss you like it was yesterday. You will always live in my heart. You are my tiny dancer! Love you forever Gracie, your Mommy

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'Gracie May (my tiny dancer)'.