Your Pet Loss Stories


by Lois
(Toronto, Ontario)

Gralynn 2002-2009

Gralynn 2002-2009

I am single and live alone so my first budgie became my best friend. I have just started on my grief journey as I came home last night visiting with friends to find Gralynn passed away. I am thankful to have found this site. I know about the journey of grief and know I am going through the stages. I was a complete wreck last night.
Throughout this weekend I had been starting to prepare myself but in no way was I expecting him to go so soon.

Today started out with me waking up crying very early this morning. I have been on a roller coster today. I have started to look at getting my next budgie, and yet I am also going through the if only's and what if's. Gralynn was sick for about two months. Normally with birds their unrine comes out in a solid form with their stool for the past couple of months Gralynn's urine has been in liquid form. I was trying to find ways to help him overcome his problem. I took him to a vet and was not able to get any answers.

I have done some reading on budgies and have come to learn it is common for them to get tumors as they get older. The good news is that I did not have to watch him suffer too much, at the same time I was not ready to see him go. What could I have done? I keep playing the whole situation over in my mind. I know at some point these thoughts will pass. I also know I am greiving my little buddy and it will take me some time.

I find myself still wanting to talk to him and to do the things that became so second nature to me with him. I have not buried him as yet. Right now I have him in a box waiting to hear a final decision from within on what to do.

I have lots of great memories and he will live on in my heart for a very long time to come.

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