Your Pet Loss Stories


by Mandy Beazley
(New Zealand)

Last trip

Last trip

I put my precious baby Gypsy, wuppy bear to sleep last Saturday. It was the worst day of my life. She was only eleven and we should have had more years the vet said but she developed a tumour which was blocking her wind pipe.

After three weeks of anguish with her on prednisone which gave her back her life I made the decision. I couldn't just keep her on prednisone or could I? I'll always wonder if I did the right thing or was it too soon. My son came home a long way he travelled I had time off work and it seemed like everyone was waiting.

At the vets I just wanted to take her in my arms at the last minute and run away with her. She seemed so well, I had spent the day at the beach with her swimming and fetching stick. It all just seemed wrong but I guess there is never a right time to say goodbye to someone you love. Oh and how I loved her.

We left her at the vets to be cremated but I kept thinking about leaving her there on the floor of the vets abandoning her and it didn't seem right.. The next day we rang up the vets which was closed being a Sunday and asked them to open up the clinic so we could get her and bring her home. We did this and I had one more last cuddle and kiss and held her tightly in my arms. She was still soft her face, ears and paws. But try as I might I couldn't smell her. She was never a smelly Dog but but she had her own little scent.

We read poetry to her and patted her, talked to her and said our goodbyes and it was a lot nicer than the floor of a vet clinic. We buried her on our property and I visit with her everyday. I am still broken hearted and nothing in life seems important to me anymore but they say time heals. I wonder who ever said that if they had lost a dog?

I will never know if I did the right thing at the right time I only wish she could have told me. I know I prefer the company of animals to humans and have more respect for them too.

Forever in my heart Gypsy girl you will remain.

I love you xx

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