Your Pet Loss Stories


by Claudia
(New jersey)

On my birthday, with the left overs of hurricane Sandy, little did I know this would be the day, I must gain my strength and take my baby Maltese to heaven.

When I arrived at the vet, he seemed calmer than usual, his doctor walked in with tears in her eyes she examined him and I could tell he lost his battle with Addison's disease. I felt I trusted his doctor so much I looked at her and asked for her guidance, she said "If it was my dog, I would let him go, you have done all you could, now I believe it is time".

I felt a feeling of peace and trust, at the same time the room felt empty and I put my Gyp and me and floated to the gates of heaven, the next thing I knew, I heard the doctor say, "He's gone, stay as long as you need", I looked at my baby and knew his spirit was gone... we all at home will miss you.

RIP our angel.

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