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'Heart broken:('

I have a Bullmastiff mix that has grown up with 4 cats since the age of 6 weeks. We got another dog 2 years (Pyranese Mountain dog) ago that we had to rehome because out of the blue they started having fights which just got nastier every time. After that Macey our remaining dog started going for the cats!! A couple had a really close call...

We set boundaries for Macey so she wasn't anywhere the cats were. We have a dog gate on the kitchen door and where she sleeps. This has worked for the last 6 months.

But then yesterday when everyone had left for school or work I went upstairs as usual to get dressed as I work from home. I heard that horrific noise when you know your dog's attacking something. I screamed down the stairs and the noise stopped instantly but unfortunately too late. I found my beautiful cat face down on the kitchen floor! He was choking and fitting and shortly after died before we got him to the vets:(

I can't even look at my dog! My husband wants to get rid of her but despite what she has done I still love her! I'm sooo confused :((((

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