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'Heartbreak Under Southern Skies'

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by: Margaret, Dartmouth, NS

Sweet Brittany .. the horrible anguish you are going through, and the tremendous guilt you are carrying tormenting yourself with 'what-if's.'

You didn't know this was going to happen, Brittany. You did not know.

Looking back, all your previous Saturday mornings have been the same, and that particular morning on November 8th started out like any other Saturday. You are an active,young loving girl who works hard at school and her activities. And like (the few previous) Friday nights you came home late, instinctively checked on Chief and Dakota and went to sleep. And like any other Saturday mornings you were tired (more so after putting in a school week and a band night).

Again, you had no idea. Right now you are feeling this endless wrenching guilt in your heart, and you are (still) punishing yourself for what happened. Forgive yourself, before this torments you for the rest of your life. Forgiving means giving peace to your soul.

Finding this Pet-Loss website is a good start. Bunny has a lot of helpful steps for your recovery.

Dakota loves you very much, Brittany. Right now he is looking down at you, and he senses you are sad. He wouldn't want that. He wants you to be happy. He wants you to remember the good times (which I am sure you do), and to be whole and smile happily once again.

Margaret - big hugs

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