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'Her Book Was Written......and She Is Complete'

Tish 1992-2011

by Susan Williams
(Orillia, Canada)

My oldest son brought Tish home to our family in Sept of 1992. My son, 15 at the time was very concerned about her future if we didn't provide her with refuge. Skeptics we were at first, then we fell in love.

She was very intelligent, stealth and sly. She made us laugh over and over again, loved and respected us everyday of her life.

Tish was about 6 months old and was with us until her passing at the age of 19. She had been suffering at first with some mild kidney insufficiency, which through natural progression overtook her. We had been treating her with a prescription diet and watching her carefully by having regular blood work done, also giving regular fluid treatments if she seemed dehydrated. In the end, her kidneys were too old and fibrous to recover.

When she could no longer walk, or keep food and water down we accompanied Tish to her doctor and said our goodbyes. We held her and told her how much we loved her as she passed.

We took her after that for private cremation, and stayed with her during the process. We brought her home with us the same day and we're so glad we at least have her with us.

We miss her every second of every day, and are wondering when this incredible pain will ease.

Gone, but never, ever forgotten. Tish 1992-2011

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