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Your loss
by: Susan

Dear Jaimie,

I am so sorry for you loss. I am trying to avoid saying things that meant nothing to me when I lost my Tish. Somethings people said (while trying to help) actually made me really angry. Things like, "she lived a long life, at least she's not suffering now... blah blah blah"

Can't I just goddam well miss her????????? Can't I just do that?????

You loved her and still do and always will.
My heart goes out to you and Maggie too.

God bless you both,

So sorry....
by: stevie

I am so sorry for your loss of Maggie. In truth, I know how you feel, as condescending etc as this may appear. As I read your email I 'felt' how you 'felt' for not just losing Maggie but for having had Maggie in your life.

I lost my guy and felt as awful as you did and it took me a long time to get to where I am...
and you will too. I also needed the strength of others (my wife) to 'let go' and let my guy (Babes) move on...he was in so much pain so fast!

I strongly encourage you to let the love you had/have for Maggie be your strength to go out immediately and celebrate (yes...celebrate) her life and love by bringing another dog into your home and heart. In doing so, you really let Maggie live on.

See link above for what I wrote about my Babes.


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