Your Pet Loss Stories

'His Pain Ended, Mine Began'

by Lorraine Cochrane
(New Brunswick, Canada)

When 'daddy' adopted you from the animal shelter, I was quite upset wondering how we would ever manage with such a large orange dog! You were almost 100 pounds! I discovered soon enough that it was almost all heart! You grew to love us and we loved you. Even our cats adored you!

Your favorite toy was a flexible frisbee that you could easily pick up and carry around. You loved the beach and walking in the woods but one of your favorite things to do was hop into the ATV trailer with the grand kids and go to the swimming hole. You would swim, fetch sticks and lay in the sun with us.

You helped check the chicken pen at nights to make sure they were all accounted for, you watched for visitors in the yard, for the garbage collectors who, until the end, you were convinced were stealing from us!

For 11 wonderful, loving years you shared your life with us. I could want for no better companion. Then you began to not be laid carefully and didn't want your food.

A vet's visit, blood work, x-ray and ultra sound discovered a hateful tumor that was killing you. The odds of surviving surgery were only 5% so I knew what had to be done.

We spent the day before the final Vet visit driving, walking and exploring. The next day we made our last drive and vet visit. You fell asleep in my arms smothered with kisses.

You taught me never to judge a book by it's cover! And love.... and faithfulness... and tolerance.... and kindness. I soon will pick up your ashes and put them under a tree we planted in your memory.

Though they are "only ashes." The real YOU has gone on to your Maker awaiting my arrival someday. You left a hole in my heart the size of Texas but someday I will heal with the wonderful memories you left me with. I love you Dillon!!!!!

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