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The 1st Year is the Hardest
by: Susan Davis

I am coming up on that first year anniversary of the loss of "KC". He was 12 years old and for health reasons had to be put down. He was my best friend, my pal and my sidekick. I also find it very difficult to put into words the pain and loss that I feel. I miss him every minute of every day and I always will. If it will help you in any way and it's not too soon, maybe another dog or puppy is the answer. There will never be another Holly, there will never be another KC.... but, and you'll have to trust me on this... there is another loving animal out there that you can rescue and who will rescue you. My son got me a puppy and he has helped me open my eyes to the light that was dark for so long.

Canine Soulmates
by: Coral (UK)

I too lost my beloved boy just over 1 year ago on 5th November 2011 and I still cry for him most days. I can't believe he is gone and even though he was 14 and I knew he was in pain and that putting him to sleep was the best for him, I am now heartbroken without him. The thing that keeps me going is that I know he would want me to live my life like he did 'in the moment'. Following my heart and not my head. He saved me and was the only one who cared about me in my life for so many years until I met my husband. I too have recently got married and not being able to share that with Ralph kills me. I can only hope that one day after that final goodbye, there will be another hello.
My thoughts are with you and everyone on this site.
Coral x x

My Hazard boy
by: Lu

I have to stop twice when I read your message to Holly. It was heart broken. I lost my Hazard boy about just about a year in next two weeks. He was 18 years old. I never experience the pain and hard to realise that I couldn't be with him, touch and hug him anymore. The pain doesn't go less day by day, I still miss him terribly. I even thought to take my own life to be with him after I lost him. However, I do believe the Rainbow bridge. We will see them when the day comes and never be apart again.

by: Anonymous

It's crazy how so many people can feel the same way about their pet.. because their pet is part of their family.
I strive to make sense of my angel's passing.. looking for an open door when her's closed, every single day for the past 13 months.
I'm beginning to forget the amount of happiness I felt when she was here, and that scares me the most. It does not seem like it was ever real.. like she was too good to be true.
I recently got married, I have an awesome family and friends, I love my job.. but there will always be a hole in my heart that no one in my life can comprehend. After all.. to them, it was just a pet. To me, it was my little girl.
I hope and pray that we all find ways to adjust, and life the happiest kind of life that we deserve.

Thank you Sarah
by: Ozreal

for sharing your Life experience with Holly.

Your faith in knowing you will meet again made my heart smile. It feels good to know I'm not alone with my feelings of loss and faith in knowing our paths will meet Again.

May your unconditional Love you had toward Holly bring you Peace, Happiness and Contentment at Godspeed!

by: hazel, USA

Dear Sarah,

I started crying when I read your posting. I lost my baby Snookie on April 18, 2009. The way you are mourning the loss of Holly is what I'm exactly experiencing.

I struggle to live each day without my baby Snookie. Like you, Snookie was the light of my life.

I just want to let you know that you are not alone. I wish to console you but there are no words of comfort for a great love lost.

Please take care of yourself. If you want to keep in touch, my email address is

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