Your Pet Loss Stories

'Homeless Kitty a.k.a Tubby'

by Lorraine Combs
(St.Marys, GA U.S.A)

I lost my best friend yesterday... I knew it was going to hurt, but I didn't know exactly how much! Her name was Homeless Kitty but sometimes we called her Tubby or Princess Homeless! LOL Six years ago in June she came through an open door in our house. I let her eat then put her back outside, thinking she had a home because she was fixed and declawed. I figured someone cared about her and I thought she would go back home.

The next morning she was laying by the door on our porch. I let her in again, then put her out later and yet again she was still there in the morning! So we decided to let her stay in until we found her owner. We put out posters and asked around town, we even took her to the vets nearby to see if they recognized her. No one knew where she came from, so we kept her.

A year or so later we moved from up north to down south and Homeless Kitty came with us. She had been with us for almost six years. She had taken over our house and told us what to do and when to do it.

She's had a few ailments in the last couple of years. We took her to the vets and got her well again. My husband would feed her soft food twice a day and she always had a dish full of dry food and water even though she loved human food and usually ate what ever we were having for supper! She would wake my husband up every morning around 5 a.m. so she could eat her soft food. Then when he came home from work she would be waiting at her dish for the next helping of soft food, but her favorite foods were pizza, steak and chicken! My husband catered to her at all times, but she always seemed to want me more!

She would lay on my computer desk with her head on the mouse when ever I was at my desk, and every morning she would talk to me for an hour or so. I would talk to her like she was human and she always would answer with a meow! She was our world. She was on medicine she needed to take for the rest of her life for hyperactive thyroid, it was very expensive but she was worth every penny we had to spend.

Homeless Kitty got really sick about a week ago and stopped eating. We took her to the vets thinking they could fix her. The vet said she was a lot older then we thought and her illness was terminal. Yesterday was one of the saddest days of our lives! We had to let her go... and we haven't stopped crying yet! Homeless Kitty was the best friend we've ever had. Our hearts feel broken and our house is so lonely without her!

We have to wait two weeks for her ashes... I think it's going to be the longest two weeks of our lives! I hope when we get her ashes things get a little easier... We miss and love our Homeless more then anything!


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