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Your Pet Loss Stories

'How Could This Happen?'

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Another Angel guarding God's gates
by: Ed

Your story breaks my heart and reaffirms my strong belief that people are idiots and dogs Angels on our shoulders.

Given the choice between living with a loving, loyal dog or an unpredictable, unreliable human ..

The choice is a no brainer.

May your beloved friend find eternal peace in God's heaven.

Stay strong and know that what your dog did was the RIGHT thing!

Dealing with the pain....
by: Stephanie

Hi Cici,
I know what you are going through. I too feel guilty for what happened to my precious 14 month old dachshund just about 4 months ago.

The pain I feel most of the time is unbearable.
I felt like my "Bella" was my baby. I think the pain is comparable to losing a child. It feels like I've lost one of my children.
I wish there were a magic spell that could take the pain away, but unfortunately only time can heal. Also faith in God. I pray every night for the pain to subside.

There is one thing that makes me feel a little better sometimes. I have a friend that recently passed away, and he loved dachshund's. I say a silent prayer that he and my Bella are together up in heaven and they are happy with each other.

I'm not sure why terrible things like this happen in life, but I do know that we can not go on blaming ourselves. I know each of our pet's would not want us to feel this way.

I hope that we both can find comfort someday soon.

by: theresa

I am so sorry for the fact that your beautiful baby was taken away from you for doing what would be natural for any child to do if they felt their mum or dad was being threatened by another person.

Why does society find it so easy to put down an animal for doing something that is so alike to a human, protective and territorial reaction without question or compassion.

I feel so much for you considering it was only last year that I lost my lovely old rotty Zeus, they are such gentle giants but to lose a dog under your circumstances would be even more unbearable.

I don't really know what to say to give you any comfort because you are right he was killed for loving you so much, god what a crime!!! I hate the way society is with dogs and I always will.

I am so so sorry, please forgive yourself if you can and may god give you the strength to understand that it truly wasn't you or your babies fault and he knows that.

Ci Ci
by: Margaret Handy-Williams, Dartmouth, NS, CA

I am VERY SORRY for your loss, CI Ci. This is absolutely devastating what you are going through. I'm with Dianna on everything she emotionally expressed. Please forgive yourself before this makes you too insane. Your precious puppy loves you.

Margaret - BIG Hugs!!!

It's Not Your Fault
by: Dianna

Please do not blame yourself, having raised my own Buddy, who is also on this site, when your dog is as devoted as our dogs were even the best trained animal may have reacted the same way your beautiful boy did. My Buddy actually attacked my ex husband and drew some surface bruises because he thought I was being threatened. I did not have to put him down at a young age like you did, in fact he was over 20 when I had him put to sleep last June 11th. Even the best trained animal can snap when they feel such devotion and that their "person" is being hurt. My heart hurts for you I know this loss all to well, I still suffer from bouts of guilt for putting Buddy down. I honestly personally feel that the pain will ever go away, but most people say it does, but there is no time table on grief. I hope you will forgive yourself, and your friend should have known that with any breed of dog, rott, husky, shepard or any combo of such big dogs can be volatile when their "persons" are being preceived as harmed. So really no one is to blame, it was a horrible accident. I hope you heal in time and that you can move past this guilt and forgive yourself for what you preceive as something you did wrong.

Many blessings to you.


by: Leonor

I am so sorry for your loss, it's not your fault, sometimes these things happens, I know that words cannot make you feel better, I feel for you and I will pray that you will find some comfort.

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