Your Pet Loss Stories


by Sue
(Point Pleasant NJ)

I adopted my yellow Lab Hunter from the shelter 10 days after the death of my chocolate Lab May. It was hard at first but he was a lifesaver for me as I was for him. He was 4 when we adopted him and here we are 9 years later.

He began to lose the use of his back legs along with several other health issues. At the end we made it through hurricane Sandy, carrying him in and out loving him so much but we had to make the most horrible decision.

I feel like I gave up on him - I don't think he was in pain but he couldn't stand up without help and the tops of his back feet were bleeding from scraping when he was trying to drag himself. He couldn't stand when relieving himself, he couldn't stand when he was eating but the rest of him was his usual perky self. That's what made it so hard, I am devastated. I feel tortured - like I killed my own dog. Does anybody feel the same way?

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