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Your Pet Loss Stories

'I Can't Get Over Losing Him.....'

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You were there when it mattered.
by: Anonymous

I have read your stories of having to leave your pet to "strangers", to be euthanized. I am here reading these stories, after the accidental death of 2 amazing dogs, and the loss of my son.
In my "Past Life" I worked for a shelter. I would take in the animals that people could no longer care for; adoptable or at the end of their life when there were no options.
What I know to be true - people grieve over their pets as if they were their own children - as if they were part of the family - because they are.
Remember - if you were there for the life of your animal, but cannot be there for the final moment of their life - you WERE THERE FOR YOUR PET. You should not feel guilt that you love something so very much that you cannot watch them pass - many people cannot do this. The saddest thing is not that an animal is loved so much that the owner feels they cannot be there - but - when an animal has lived a life and they have never been loved enough to be cried over.
Do not let anyone - even yourself - make you feel guilty. The staff you left your loved pet with has chosen to live this life (often for very little money) because they passionately want to improve the situation for an animal - and sometime the best outcome for an animal, is to say enough suffering - this will not improve.
-No guilt - and this comes from the person who receives that 17 year old german shepherd that can no longer walk/or go to the bathroom; and the owner walks away. Sometimes, pain does not allow you to make another choice. You were there when it mattered. ii

I lost my cat :'(
by: Jake

I lost my cat Porkchop about 2 days ago, and I am a guy, I never cried so much in my life.. My cat was clearly suffering, he wouldn't eat, he was sooo skinny is was gross.. He didn't even seem like himself, he didn't even acknowledge me anymore.. The cat lived with my mother, and I hadn't seen him in 4 months.. When I met my mom at the vet clinic I couldn't believe how bad he was.. he was so weak he could barely walk.. His expression was nothing, it was almost like he was already gone.. but for about 10 seconds he was his old self.. he looked up at me and rubbed his head on my hand and then kinda went back to looking at the ground.. We took him into the office and my mom and I spoke to the vet, and she was telling us it looked like cancer or kidney failure.. The decision was left to me, and I didn't want him to suffer anymore.. :'( I told them to go through with it.. I knelt down as far as I could, held his head and just stared into his eyes for awhile, petting him, I could barely see through my watery eyes, then I gave him a kiss and left, I looked back as they took him away.. I couldn't bear to watch him close his eyes as the life left him.. Now I feel guilty for just leaving him there, and not being there for him till he was gone.. I just left the building.. holding in my tears, for 5 1/2 hours till I got home, then I cried for a solid 8+ hours till I cried myself to sleep.. Now I cannot believe he is gone, and the guilt of feeling like I abandoned him is ripping me apart... He was pretty much my first pet, I know everyone says this but he was special, he was like no other cat I had ever met.. I miss him terribly.. I cannot stop thinking about how he is now gone.. I lost the piece of my family they completed us 5 years ago.. When my brother saved him as a stray.. We did extend his life, but still.. he is now gone..

Same reason I haven't recovered in 2 years.
by: Lucy Beard

I am grateful for your honest story. I have not gotten over my beautiful Whitekitty - I signed all my cards and letters with both our names. But the reason that haunts me is that he was fighting when they gave him the shot... like he was telling me he didn't want to leave our world. And there was an expression in his eyes I'd never seen before that told me he knew. And it haunts me. I try to focus on the funny times - he loved to jump in the bathtub! he flossed! - but what stays is that last expression.

Thank you so much for your honesty. Some people don't understand.

Don't feel bad
by: Anonymous

I was there to watch my dog and then my cat but when my cat had a seizure I couldn't deal - I ran out of the house actually... I was there for her to end her life but not when she was suffering... you did the opposite... we both feel bad. At the end of the day we both did what we could -- as did our pets. That's all we can do... feeling bad about it only hurts the future of our lives.

Be well, your dog was fortunate to have you.

by: Brenda (APOLLO MOMMY)

Your story is amazing! I believe you did the right thing for your baby. Seeing him die wasn't going to be easy for you and it's okay if you couldn't be there. Jack is in a better place now without pain and is very happy, I am pretty sure he knows you did what was in your hands to help him.

I am 21 and I had my dog Apollo 11 yrs since he was 2 months and recently almost a month ago he died of cancer he got very weak and I couldn't bear to see him like that anymore. My family and I had to arrange to put him to sleep on Monday morning but Apollo died at home in his sleep Sunday night like around midnight.

I know how you feel about the bond with your another dog, I have another dog as well and her name is Marley and I don't feel the same bond but I also love her dearly. WE will always have memories of Jack and Apollo and I promise we will see them again someday! Stay strong! And I know they are at the Rainbow Bridge!

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'I Can't Get Over Losing Him.....'.