Your Pet Loss Stories

'I Lost You'

by Khadejah Riggs
(Florence sc)

Rest in peace Gangster I love you forever, I'll see you again at Rainbow Bridge. Although I can't see you anymore I know you're still with me and I'll never forget you I'll keep the memories we made together close. I love you always Gangster never forget that you'll always have my heart. I love you so baby always Rest In Heavenly Peace Hero at Rainbow Bridge Forever.

You will remain in my heart although I am still dealing with the pain of her putting you to sleep for no reason, I then remember all the wonderful memories you gave me and that you're in a better place now where she can't ever hurt you again, so I say it again I love you baby so much with all my heart Rest In Sweet Heavenly Peace Hero at Raibow Bridge where I hope to be reunited with you again when it's finally my time to pass away.

Also in your memory I am writing a book based on you it's called Gangster's story it will be published soon, also I still have your brush it has a lot of your fur in it I'm going to one day buy a locket and put all your fur in it and wear it around my neck everywhere I go I will keep that locket with me in memory of you my fallen love, and everlasting friend. I wish you stayed around a little longer so you could go to Fairbanks Alaska with me. I wanted to be a musher and you my lead dog and I wanted to breed you with another german shepherd so all my dogs in the kennel could be related to your blood.

I love you Gangster you may be gone but my ever lasting love for you will stay forever. Your Legacy, Memory and Spirit lives on forever I'll make sure it never dies. You were the best dog in the world and I surely will never forget you. Your book will be published soon Rest In Heavenly Peace your spirit is free now at Rainbow Brige. You're in a place where you can no longer feel pain or sadness, I know that you're watching over me I dream about you sometimes as well.

I'm so sorry with what the animal control and what she did to you, I'm so sorry that I wasn't there with you to help you. Forgive me my love I keep reliving that painful day when I lost you, the pain of not having you with me is too much to bear. It's hard to carry on knowing that I can't pet your head again or kiss you or hug you anymore because of her but I'm happy you're in a better place. I know you're not alone neither am I because I know from Rainbow bridge you will always be guiding and watching over me until the day comes when we are reunited again. I can't wait for that to come but for now just know I love you forever and I'll be with you again soon, I love you more than anything.

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