Your Pet Loss Stories

'I Love Lucy'

by Kyle
(Fairhaven, MA, USA)

“Free” was the only word I heard during the conversation I had with the animal control officer on the telephone 15+ years ago. “I have a “free” kitten, are you interested?” she asked. With little (if any) hesitation, I answered “yes.” A short time later she arrived, and into my life you came. A scruffy, greasy, black and white kitten with enormous eyes. It was at that moment that a special relationship was formed between you and I forever.

I waited a while to name you (how long, I can’t exactly recall), but eventually I landed on Lucy---short for Lucifer. Not because you were evil, but instead because you were so mischievous and had a little piece of the devil inside of you.

Though I have forgotten a lot over time, several moments are ever-present in my mind of your younger years: your love for the window sill; licking the water out of any dripping faucet; rubbing against my feet as I tried to tie my shoes; curling in and out from beneath me as I did push ups; the bum rubs; and sniffing the air as if it were the sweetest smell any living creature could ever take pleasure from.

Aside from those moments, the most significant thing I do, and always will remember, is your love for anyone who walked through our door. From my girlfriend (now wife) to our four children (your four sisters), and any and all friends in between, you always greeted everyone with love, affection, a rub of their feet, and a little high-pitched meow, which surely meant “welcome.”

As the years passed, and you and I grew old together, I noticed you slowing down a bit. However, this didn’t keep you from displaying the occasional burst of energy, which caused you to run feverishly around the house like your tail was on fire. You also took on numerous names like “Lucy Doobies,” “Lulu,” and the “Doobs.” Whatever the name, you always responded with a little meow and a sideways rub of your head on the nearest surface.

You died on a beautiful and sunny Monday morning. Appropriate, because you brought so much sunshine into all of our lives. And as you passed, I could not stop thinking about how your love never discriminated, and just how much I’m going to miss you greeting me at the door, our late night meetings on the couch, you sipping the milk from my cereal bowl in the morning, seeing you sitting at either the front window or the back door taking pleasure in whatever happened to fly or run by, or simply just stretching out between Andy and I at any given time.

You were, and always will remain a significant part of this family and the memories that have been woven into our family quilt, and though you came into my life for “free,” it cost me a piece of my heart when you left it.

I love and miss you with all of my heart my little girl.

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