Your Pet Loss Stories

'I Miss Her So Much'

by Brittany

Her last picture

Her last picture

Although we only had our dog Leila for two years, she made a big impression on our family. She was the sweetest dog ever. She would look up at me with these great big brown eyes and gave me cute little kisses on my nose.

It was about maybe a week ago when we noticed she was sick. There was obviously something wrong with her female area and it affected her eating habits. She never ate much to begin with before this all happened so now she stopped eating indefinately. My Mom took her to the vet and they prescribed some antibiotic pills, but if anything, they made things worse. The only thing that she would consume was water. She would have a good day, and then the next would be horrible.

On St.Patrick's day, 2009, she died. I will always remember her and how she put a smile on my face everytime I saw her. She was always there for me, whenever I needed her. Now, she is in a better place.

I love you Leila, rest in peace.

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